Data Center Cooling Design

Efficient cooling solutions for tomorrow and beyond

Intuva prioritizes early KDCs for IT systems, ensuring seamless Data Center Cooling Design. Utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), we model existing heat dissipation, factor in future IT roll-outs, and offer solid recommendations for current and anticipated loads.

Post-design approval, our construction management oversight ensures precise implementation in line with engineered specifications, providing crucial support and expertise in mission-critical facility construction.

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Advanced Data Center Cooling Solutions by Intuva

Intuva engineers specialize in cutting-edge data center cooling solutions, implementing principles such as hot aisle cold aisle data center design and advanced data center HVAC design.

Our meticulous approach to Data Center Cooling Renovations involves analyzing key design criteria, utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for engineering analysis, and implementing innovative approaches to enhance cooling efficiency.

Data Center Cooling Services:


Rack-based cooling


In-row cooling


Airflow management


Powertron Global PermaFrost NMR™

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